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Dairy Industry Revolution – Brand Competition!


It seems that the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020 has compelled the dairy industry to expand phenomenally – as if it has moved in in the novel evolution phase. Now that the dairy industry has entered the new growth cycle – along with the new market openings it also has to face severe competition.

Some of the difficulties the dairy industry is expected to face are:

• Product duplication

• Promotion suppressions

• Channel covering

In short, the entire dairy industry, across the globe has entered into the age of Brand Competition. Only, keeping up with the brand development, brand positioning, and excellent brand communication will help any manufacturer to sustain in this fiercely competitive global market.

What Are Some Of The Myths Concerning Dairy Brands?

• A virtual brand cannot be created nor it has any value

• Brand directly depends on the product quality

• The brand is only an excuse for de-growth or stagnation to hide other corporate lacunas like R&D, Marketing, Production, etc.)

Traditionally, the importance of Brand was not very high in the dairy business, as the scale of business was very limited. But today, after the internet revolution even the dairy industry requires a unique brand.

What Is The Importance Of Creating A Brand?

• Increases customer’s confidence in the dairy product when the dairy brand – for example, yogurt – attains Brand Premium Status.

• Brand reinforces a supervisory role. If you have a successful yogurt packaging brand and if you are unbranded, you will never understand the failure of your brand. But a branded product will always get feedback and you will immediately understand the reason for the failure.

Following are the four pillars of creating a successful brand:

• Brand Name: Try for the unique brand name

• Brand Logo: Get it done from the qualified person

• Brand Packaging: Always opt for In-Mold Labeling Technology (IML technology) from the best in the industry

• Brand Slogan: Should match the product

Importance Of Brand Positioning:

• There are various elements involved in brand positioning – Product positioning, Market positioning, Price positioning, Regional positioning, etc. The overall meaning of brand positioning is the perception of your product in the minds of your prospective buyers.

• Any dairy manufacturer can have various brand structure like – Single Brand Model, Hybrid Brand Model, and Main Brand Model

Importance Of Brand Management:

• Initiate the process of brand positioning

• Plan all the activities related to brand development and brand performance


Creating a brand is not a one day process. There are various efforts involved from all sides, especially for any kind of dairy product. One of the most important facts is – never ignore its packaging. Always go in for the futuristic IML Technology for various dairy products like Yogurt Packaging, Cheese packaging, Cheddar cheese packaging, etc.!

The time has come for all the dairy industrialists to take care of their brand positioning, brand communication, building brand premium, and survive in this fierce international market competition.

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