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2020 Red Dot Brand and Communication Design Awards-the full version of the packaging award list is released!



Who does not know about Red Dot Brand and Communication Designs Awards? The list of the winners for the year 2020 is released on October 23, 2020, on their official website.

The founder member of the Red Dot Award is Prof. Dr. Peter Zec – a well-known German Design Associate and highly respectable name in the Design World. The criterion of selection depends on various criteria.

The products using In-Mold Labeling Technology (IML technology) were also leading and won many awards. The packaging design was also taken into account for most of the products – like Chocolate Packaging, Cake Packaging, Plastic Packaging, etc.

What Are The Categories Of Red Dot Awards?

The awards are divided into the following categories:

• The Red Dot Product Design Award

• The Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Award

• The Red Dot Design Concept Award

What Exactly Is The Brands & Communication Design Red Dot Award?

Across the world, all the companies are invited to participate in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design. The companies have the right to choose from 36 industries. In the case of Communication Design, there are 17 categories available. The entries are assessed by the Red Dot Jury! The main criteria are to search for the best design and creativity! All the award winners will have access to major benefits from Red Dot Label.

What Are The Judging Criteria?

Communication Design Judging Criteria:

• Idea: Originality blended with creativity

• Influence: How much impact it gives emotionally as well!

• Form: The quality and innovative design

Brands Judging Criteria:

• Idea: Brand Values

• Influence: Brand differentiation and identity

• Form: Brand communication and brand design

Brands and Communication Design Red Dot Awards are further subdivided into various other industries and categories. There is a total of 24 International Experts as the Red Dot Jury Members.

Conclusion: Along with all the factors, Chocolate packaging products were also in the race. Most of the cake packaging designs were also referred to! Plastic packaging with IML Technology is giving a cutting edge over other products.

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