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Small Biscuits, Big Market



“Do not judge a book by its cover”. This is what people usually tell when there is something more attractive about a person or an object beyond what we see with our naked eye.

However, the same is not true with Pocky, Japan’s chocolate bar that set a Guinness World Record for the highest global sales of 590 million US dollars. Pocky is chocolate coated stick biscuits that was first sold in Japan in 1966. It became a hit which brought to different flavors such as almond, strawberry, and matcha. With the biscuit container, this famous chocolate bar looks delicious, even from the outside, From the packaging itself, you can tell that the product is of high quality, It is appealing to the eye as much as it is appealing to the taste buds. Also, it is properly sealed to ensure freshness as it is packed in a plastic cracker container before it is put in an equally well-thought designed box.

Deciding on the right packaging for your product should be given an utmost importance as it has an effect on consumer buying decision. That is why IML Container must have been a genius when it came up with the idea on how a Pocky package should look like. It is an established mold manufacturing facility in North America. It provides packaging to some reputable food products such as Kraft’s Philadelphia Milk Chocolate, Dean’s Cottage Cheese, Atheno’s Hummus, Chavrie Salad Blend, to mention a few. With the aforementioned food products, and the world-wide success of the Pocky chocolate bar, it just goes to show that IML Container is the authority in product packagings.

While it is important for your biscuit product to be exceptionally delicious to attract buyers, packaging such as biscuit container and plastic cracker container should also be given attention. Just like the success of the Pocky chocolate bar, it is again proven that “beautiful is good”.

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