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Milkana Cheese Targeted For Children



French cheese brand Milkana sources its cheese from the Edelweiss chess dairy in Kempten (Allgaü). Milkana, owned by the French dairy group Savencia Fromage & Dairy, markets and packages its cheese based on the target market.

For children, it could be stick-stick cheese and growth cheese. Milkana is marketed under Camembert in Russia and also has a different type of processed cheese in Egypt. Milkana is truly an internationally loved brand.

All throughout, Milkana announces that it only uses GMO free milk sourced from 320 farms in the Allgaü. This makes it the best and safest milk for both children and adults.

Milkana is also known as Tolle Rolle in Germany, it’s a delicious stick in Egypt or Haiti and is a fast seller in China through little round shells.

The global cheese brand always takes its cue from different cheese consumption habits in its various markets. But they are always practical and playful packaging, appealing to both children’s and adults’ appetite for cheese.

The cheese container of Milkana is always in environment friendly IML rigid packaging which is the preferred dairy food packaging today.

The IML process makes all the Milkana cheese containers entirely recyclable and leaves nothing to waste and minimizes carbon footprint on the earth.

The IML rigid packaging also makes Milkana cheese products more visible on supermarket and grocery shelves. Evidence of these are the ever increasing sales revenue of Milkana cheese products all over the world. And Milkana is taking the lead in cheese products that children love and would want to eat everyday.

The latest Milkana cheese products that are launched are sure to be grabbed off the grocery shelves again. They are Milkana round jars which are cheese corners separately wrapped in aluminum foil in a paper box. It’s the newest hearty cheese snack which kids and their parents are sure to love too.

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