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Is China the next big step for Plant Protein?



Veganism and the plant based diet have gained massive popularity in recent years and this is for a number of reasons, from sustainability to health to animal welfare. The awareness surrounding these ideals is increasing in China and is now driving the demand in Asia.

From a sustainability perspective the difference between a chicken egg and a plant based egg is huge. Plant based eggs reduce water consumption by 98%, reduces carbon emissions by 93% and reduces land usage by 86%. These numbers are staggering and with China having the highest population you can see why these numbers would be attractive. Less land used means more food produced and for such a large population food production is a big concern. China has seen meat shortages in the past (such as during the African swine flu outbreak) and being self sufficient is certainly high up on Chinas agenda.

Packaging of dairy products is also a huge issue. Food plastics cannot often be recycled as they are too heavily soiled. Dairy containers like butter tubs or even the simple plastic yogurt tub cause big problems when it comes to plastic waste. Many plant based food companies have an emphasis on sustainable packaging.

On top of the sustainability factor there are the massive health impacts. Eating plant based can reduce the risk of spreading viruses and has also shown to improve overall personal health. There is a definite shift in moves towards health food in China with the health food industry up by 18.5% in 2019. Having access to plant based protein is of course important when attempting to consume a more plant based diet.

With these factors it is easy to see why China is looking to be the largest market for plant based protein in the future. This is great news for the planet, the animals and our health.

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