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Paper-Packaging V/s IML Plastic Packaging – Which Is More Environmentally Friendly?


Is it true that paper packaging is more environmentally friendly than IML plastic packaging? At the macro level, you might think that paper packaging is more eco-friendly packaging than plastic packaging? But what is the truth? If you consider the entire life-cycle of the two products, your misconception will change.

Paper Packaging Making Process:

Paper is manufactured with the help of trees, a renewable resource.

• Lots of power and energy are required to manufacture paper. Almost 3.5 times more greenhouse gases are produced during its manufacturing.

• Producing paper bags requires 25 times more water than plastic bags

• Higher solid waste is produced as a by-product during paper bag manufacturing

IML Plastic Packaging Process:

• When you manufacture plastic containers, for example, dairy packaging with the help of In-Mold Labeling Technology you get an internationally acclaimed eco-friendly packaging product.

• The IML plastic packaging process is a noteworthy innovation in dairy packaging that enhances product sustainability and is also very cost-effective.

• Millions of plastic packages throughout the year can be shifted from landfills into a reprocessing course.


• When you look at the micro-level at both the packaging – plastic and paper – you can positively say that banning plastic containers can be harmful to the environment. Manufacturing one paper bag requires tree cutting on a very large scale, which adversely impacts the environment.

• Research has proved that to manufacture paper bags, approx. 3.5 times more energy is required than plastic bag manufacturing. It means that if you require around 100 trucks to yield plastic bags, you will require around 1000+ trucks to manufacture paper bags.

• Also, when compared with natural degradation, plastic products are fewer pollutants than paper products.

• Plastic recycling is very less polluting as compared to paper.

• The major problem with plastic is not its usage and manufacturing but arranging and recycling!

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