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Advantages Of In-Mold Labeling Process



In-Mold Labeling (IML) process is the most advanced process to print or decorate plastic containers or parts during the plastic injection process. A predesigned label is infused in the plastic injection mold. Further, a plastic resin is injected into the mold, wherein the label and the container become one item as a finished product.

Following are the advantages of IML packaging over traditional packaging methods:

• High-Quality Brand Image: The everlasting impression of the product and its contents achieves a very different level. Very superior quality container along with label is manufactured with IML technology thus creating a high-quality brand image of the product. A regular yogurt cup and the yogurt cup manufactured with the IML process – when compared – the latter gives a very superior brand image. Consumers tend to yogurt cups manufactured with IML technology.

• Security Protection: If you manufacture Ice cream containers with futuristic IML technology, the shelf life of the contents is enhanced. Not only the sturdiness and attractiveness are increased but due to the special manufacturing process IML technology provides security protection to the contents. The study has confirmed that there is very little damage to those products manufactured with IML technology.

• Alluring Design: When you compare traditional sauce packaging and the IML sauce packaging, you can instantly find the difference between the two. The IML technology makes the design more exciting. The label is printed before inserting in the mold hence lots of color combinations are possible to get the ultimate piece of design. Once the design is ready, you can infuse the label into the mold as it is. There is no alteration or tampering in the label during the IML process giving a very appealing design. High-quality graphics will not change or diminish their charm after the entire manufacturing process.

• Efficient Production: The net gain of using IML technology is increased profitability. Before finalizing the final label print, you can have lots of changes as per your choice. This does not require actual printing. Lots of detailing is possible without physically printing the label. This reduces the cost of production thus increasing the bottom lines.

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