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Why Nightfood Is The Most Preferred Bedtime Ice-cream?


In this competitive world, most ice-cream manufacturers are opting for various types of product forms to lure consumers.

Some of the different formats undertaken by Nightfood are:

• In-Mold Labeling Packaging: The studies have proved that the ice cream packaging and the ice cream cups manufactured with In-Mold Labeling technology (IML packaging) enhances the shelf life of the product. Not only does it gives a very appealing look to the container but also is highly cost-effective.

• Innovative Ice-cream Experience By Introducing Sleep Friendly Product: The Nightfood ice cream company has introduced an ice cream that is sleep-friendly contents like B6, Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium. It does not add any kind of artificial erythritol or sweeteners nor does it contain any sleeping-aid ingredients in the product. Most ice cream manufacturers use melatonin which is very harmful to the human body and interferes with sleep. Nightfood never adds artificial Melatonin!

If you are craving for ice-cream at night Nightfood offers better, healthier, and sleep-friendly options. As this product is:

• packed in IML packaging container,

• does not contain artificial melatonin,

• and offers the best taste over “regular” ice cream

Especially after Covid-19, the entire Ice cream industry is concentrating to develop a product that is not only blended with taste and nutrition but also with hygiene. Hence, Nightfood has started using the futuristic IML packaging technology for their ice cream cups and altered the entire range of ice cream packaging options.

Also, Nightfood Icecream has very little sugar, is blended with hardly any calories, and has fewer fat ingredients. It contains casein protein, prebiotic fiber, and digestive enzymes that do not obstruct natural sleeping habits. The IML Packaging container and IML Packaging do not alter the freshness and their nutritional value even after several weeks and keep the product contents fresh as new!

Remember, Nightfood does not contain any sleep drugs or aids but it better sleeps hygiene, when consumed, do not delay your sleep. It is a better, healthier, and sleep-friendly ice cream to eat at night!

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