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The Latest Trend Emerging In Food & Beverage Industry –New Products, Original Flavors, & IML Packaging!



The year is coming to an end and so is the wait in understanding the marketing themes of the food and beverage industry! A few of the trends are going to dominate the entire industry like flavor, dairy packaging, new design ice cream container, hygiene, etc. But the entire food and beverage industry seems to be giving importance to their packaging container and most of them are transiting to IML packaging. Market penetration is done by targeting and giving due consideration to the preferences and consumption habits of the Younger Generation.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers’ behavior is showing a shift from traditional requirements to absolutely novel interests:

• New Flavors: Most of the beverage companies are concentrating more on introducing new flavors on regular basis. The trend has shown that consumers prefer new flavors after a regular interval of time-span. And, if they do not get the same in their regular brands, they prefer to shift or change from the existing brand. For example, a traditional ice flavor, if served in a new design ice cream container, gets an immediate consumer preference.

• Original Products: To maintain consumer loyalty the latest trend shows that consumers prefer original products rather than the same old repetitive traditional product. The dairy packaging industry is shifting to new products, original flavors, and the latest IML packaging. Hence all the corporates are in a rat race to introduce original beverages and food items by blending herbal ingredients or something similar.

• Alluring Container: Consumers prefer to read in detail all the ingredients along with calories, which they are going to consume. Hence, beverage manufacturers prefer In-Mold Packaging (IML) containers for their new flavors.

• Dairy Products: Even dairy companies prefer to shift their traditional containers to the latest IML packaging as their dairy packaging for all their existing and new introductions.

• Hygiene: Along with the new products, new flavors, new design ice cream container, latest dairy packaging, and IML packaging, consumers also prefer the container that is 100% hygienic. Hence, the food and beverage industry prefers the latest IML packaging that offers utmost hygiene to their products.

• Design Shift: Most manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, especially for their new flavors of ice cream, opt for new design ice cream containers. A detailed label blended with vibrant colors and sturdiness is possible with IML packaging technology via – Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Thermoforming!

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