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Why Is IML Plastic Packaging Better Than Traditional Canned Food Containers?



One of the facts of traditional canned food items is their packaging container, which is usually glass cans. Irrespective of its transparent look, glass packaging has many drawbacks, especially when they are compared with IML plastic packaging.

• Fragile: In the olden days, glass packaging was used for canned food, which is brittle. But IML plastic packaging is sturdy, and hence most of the can food plastic packaging gets more shelf life.

• Limited Acceptance As A Travelling Buddy: Being delicate traditional glass packaging was not preferred, as a traveling companion. If broken, the entire carrier was stained. But IML plastic packaging has become a traveling companion, as it does not break easily like glass containers, and hence can food plastic packaging is preferred in today’s modern age.

• Excessive Damages: The damage percentage of can food plastic packaging manufactured with IML plastic packaging technology was far less than traditional canned food containers.

• Expensive: Traditional tin packaging or glass cans are highly expensive to manufacture. But IML plastic packaging technology is very cost-effective when used for can food plastic packaging. Most of the manufacturers are struggling to find a breakthrough to reduce the packaging cost and IML plastic packaging is found to be useful.


As there is technological development, the packaging revolution takes place. And IML plastic packaging is one such technological revolution that has almost all the positives. The Can food plastic packaging seldom has any kind of drawbacks that will reduce the profitability. IML plastic packaging can be one of the novice energy in the canned food market. This depends on the sealing performance of the IML containers. Hence, it is highly recommended to replace traditional canned food with IML plastic packaging. Not only does the product gets an attractive design, but the shelf life of the canned food increases exponentially!

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