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Everything You Want To Know About The Advantages Of IML Containers?



In-Mold labeling is one of the futuristic technologies that help in designing not only superior and impeccable quality containers but also highly attractive and sturdy containers. IML containers help in enhancing the brand image of the product.

Following are its advantages:

Faultless Amalgamation: As plastic or paper labels are used during the manufacturing stage of the containers, the label becomes an amalgamated part of the container. The IML Containers are manufactured by three processes – Blow Molding, Injection Molding, and Thermoforming Process

Superior Print Quality: As the label is different from the container before the IML process, the quality of the label is highly superior. Even High-Density labels can be integrated with IML containers after adopting IML processes.

Sturdiness Blended With Durability: It is possible to manufacture scratch-resistant IML containers thus giving a very sturdy and durable container.

Cost-Effective: The manufacturing cost per container is very low when compared with traditional manufacturing processes. A larger quantity of IML containers can be manufactured with this futuristic technology.

Low Cost Of Production: It is possible to change the label design many times without incurring any extra cost. This directly reduces the cost of production and increases the bottom line.

Short Lead Time: Once the design and the shape of the IML container are finalized the next stage is production. Without any direct or indirect interference, very high numbers of containers can be manufactured in a very short time.

Eco-Friendly: The IML containers manufactured with the help of IML technology are 100% environmentally friendly. All the IML containers can be recycled without much hassle.

Wider Choice: With the latest IML technology, you can avail a wide range of options as per your choice. Blended with vibrant color combinations and superior quality PP material the final IML containers will be of a wider range.


It is correctly said that – The First Impression Is The Last. Within a fraction of a second, the potential consumer finalizes the product on seeing the packaging quality and the container design. IML Containers are the most preferred and selected items on the shelf as they are very attractive and stand out in the crowd of the same products. IML Labeling makes it possible to amalgamate the product container and the label as one product, by displaying in detail, all the label contents. Hence, across the globe, IML Containers are manufactured with In-Mold Labeling Technology!

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