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IML Technology And Global Condiment Market – Even Sauce Is Fashionable!


How does IML Sauce Packaging Box help In Increasing Condiment Market Share?

Condiments are those ingredients added during cooking in small quantities to enhance the food flavor. Usually, these condiments are available in highly concentrated forms or as a blend. Condiments can also be termed Herbs, Spices, and Savory.

Some of the well-known pantry condiments are:

• Ketchup/Sauce

• Sour Cream

• Butter

• Salad Dressings

• Mayonnaise

• Pickle Relish

• Jellies

• Mustard

The most important fact is all these condiments have become the latest global trend because these are declared as biological, nutritious, and low-sodium or low-sugar sauces.

David Sprinkle pointed out that, even Proper Sauce is also trending across the globe and has become the latest trend because when condiment gets an “Organic Certification” or if the product marketing with a USP of “Free-From” label, it is immediately accepted in the market and trends globally.

The IML sauce packaging boxes when compared with regular sauce packaging boxes, the former get more acceptance as they help consumers to choose products that they presume are healthier. The IML sauce packaging box can maintain the nutrition value for a longer period when the sauce packaging box is manufactured with the help of futuristic In-Mold Technology (IML). The IML sauce packaging box, not only increases the shelf life of the sauce but also identifies the product differently due to its alluring design.

Various types of Salad Cups and 1OZ Small Sauce Cups can get detailed nutrition value printed on the label. This is possible with IML technology, as the label is infused in the IML sauce packaging box during its manufacturing stage. The consumers’ quest for ingredients used in the sauce, its flavor, and the exclusive sauce preparation formula have helped in the consistent growth of different sauce products.

High-end sauces – including 1OZ small sauce cups – account for almost 20% of sales of all the sauce products combined. Analysis has shown that the demand for high-end sauce is increasing at an annual growth rate of 5%! The neatly printed label, when infused in the salad cup with the help of the latest IML technology, gets immediate consumer attention!

Studies have also shown that Cooking Sauces, Mayonnaise, Hot Sauce, and Seasonings are all-time favorites across the globe and maintain stable growth. One of the reasons for their popularity is cooking sauces are the perfect solutions for speedy cooking, hence widely accepted by the consumers. Astonishingly, their sales account for about 40% of the total sales!


The entire food market is on the path of evolution. The acceptance of healthy products is gaining popularity IML technology plays an important role in enhancing product hygiene and alluring design to create that appeal and demand. Even proper sauce has been labeled as an organic product, not only because of its ingredients, but also because of the usage of IML sauce packaging box technology. 1OZ small sauce cups, salad cups get a cutting edge when IML technology is used for their containers.

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