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IML Injection Containers Will Replace The Plastic Bag For Candy Packaging!



Do you know that something better than the best has arrived that will not only enhance the beauty of your candy container but also adhere to hygiene rules? And hence, In-Mold Labeling Process is knocking almost all the industries across the globe. And the main reason why it is getting a very wide acceptance is because of the advantages involved in this process.

During the manufacturing process, the label and the candy containers are blended together and offered a single entity, with the help of the IML process. The package gives an appealing look to the candy because it looks exclusive and unique. Also, it gives the customers extra confidence concerning product hygiene.

When you compare a candy packed in a plastic bag with IML Injection Container, instantly any candy manufacturer gets shifted to this latest technology!

To begin with, the traditional candy packaging was impliedly carrying many negative factors:

• It was not ecofriendly

• The design was not very attractive due to the limitations in its manufacturing process.

• The container was not at all hygienic.

This latest technology called In-Mold Labeling Process is the futuristic procedure that is used in candy packaging containers and candy cups! The top advantages of In-Mold Labeling are:

• Easy Design Changes: If you require any last-minute changes in your product design, it is possible with IML technology. Before finalizing the design, you can very easily add or delete the contents as per your choice. This is also possible in case of easy changes in color, material, and final touchups to the design.

• Volume Production In Lesser Time: Once the design is finalized, the production is possible on a very large scale with lesser time.

• Sturdy Candy Cups: When compared to traditional plastic bags, IML Injection Container is truly very robust giving extra shelf life to the contents. Irrespective of weather conditions, the candy cups can sustain extreme heat or moisture and keeps the cup design good as new!

• Eco-friendly Manufacturing Process: In-Mold Labeling Process for Candy Cups is 100% eco-friendly.

• Cost Efficient: When you compare the cost per unit, you can definitely get an assurance that the cost per cup is low and it’s design and appearance is very attractive.

• Extensive Recognition: IML Injection Containers are very widely accepted in most of the dairy farm and food packaging industries due to its advantages.

• Lower Scrap: Whenever you manufacture your candy containers with the IML process, the scrap generated is very less, and in most cases, it can be reused.


As you can see that In-Mold Labeling offers the best Injection Containers in the Candy Packaging industry for the best Candy Cups, it is preferred over the traditional plastic bag for candy packaging! Hence, the IML process is the best alternative for almost all the traditional candy cup manufacturing processes. For the past so many decades, In-Mold Labels are used in various industries like Beverage, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Healthcare, Cosmetics, and many more!

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