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How Do We Help Coles Reduce 32% IML Butter Packaging Cost?

Packaging sells. That is as simple as it gets. Good packaging increases sales. The packaging, however, needs to balance beauty and price.

Packaging cost reflects on the price of products. Care should be taken to keep price tags within reasonable range. Supermarkets should consider all their options when it comes to reducing packaging cost.

At Honokage, we offer specialized packaging services at reduced prices. Big supermarkets, like Coles, reap enormous benefits from our services.

How do we help Coles reduce 32% IML butter packaging cost?

We have many technologies at our disposal when it comes to lowering the cost of IML packaging. Let us look at a few.


1. More Cavities Mold

Honokage has multi-cavity tools that churn out thousands of required parts in record time. A reduction in machine time to produce the IML butter containers reduces their cost.

A supermarket like Coles needs millions of parts annually. More cavities mold saves such companies a lot of time and money. A reduction in packaging results in reduced product prices. Competitors will have a hard time keeping up.

2. Demag High-Speed Injection Machine

Our high-speed injection machines also reduce machine time. The machines are also excellent at decorations. Butter and margarine tubs come out not only cheaper but, more appealing.

Everybody knows the power of an aesthetic package. The possibilities are limitless. A good looking thin wall food container is almost as important as the quality of its content.

3. Customized Solution

Customizing packages has its perks. You can market your products using unique and niche designs. Our team of marketing experts analyze and offer suggestions to overall package design.

Our flexible machines are then adjusted to suit the design.

Most traditional butter package designs have room for improvement. Some models are too costly while others are not as appealing as they ought to be. Customization accords you the chance to work with a compromise design.

4. One Month Safety Stock

Lead time is the time it takes to produce and place the products on the market. Time is money. The higher the lead time, the higher the production cost.

Shipping delay is the most common factor increasing lead time.

Shipping may be delayed for many reasons. Most are beyond our control. A more sinister reason is stock outs. Stock outs are within human control. They delay shipping by causing a depletion in material needed for production.

To mitigate the risks of stock-outs and increased lead time, Hononkage keeps a one-month safety stock in our warehouses. Production, therefore, flows smoothly saving money.

5. The Audience Effect

Psychology suggests that people perform better under scrutiny. Production, in effect, increases when employees perceive that someone is watching. This psychological trick is referred to as the audience effect in some circles.

Hononkage has 24/7 surveillance systems installed in its production plants. The cameras increase production, at no extra cost, by triggering the audience effect.

Another great thing with this surveillance is that you can keep track of every minute of the production. You, as a client, can follow up the whole process via smartphone.

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