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Revolutionize Your Double Cup Containers With IML Technology!


Revolutionize Your Double Cup Containers With IML Technology – The Latest For Packaging Manufacturers!

Using the futuristic In Mold Labeling (IML) Technology to enhance the exclusivity in the packaging means proactively, taking the brand to an absolutely different level. IML Technology can be used in almost all the fields wherein plastic containers are used. To name a few industries are – Ice cream, Lubricants, Cheese, Dairy Packaging, Vegan Butter, Butter, etc. IML plays a vital role especially in creating a unique brand image.

A Double Cup Container can hold two different food contents separately with a sturdy but very easy to handle Fold Line. To quote an example – the final product contains two different ingredients like Cream/Sauce to be blended with Fruit & Nut. On the availability of both the ingredients, you can mix them with the fold line provided in the double cup containers just by bending it! The Polypropylene (PP) material increases the flexibility that helps in the container to bend very conveniently without much of efforts and fidgeting!

Why Packaging Manufacturers Prefers IML Technology Especially In Their Double Cup Containers?
* Nothing but the perfection is achieved with the help of IML Technology! Especially for any type of Plastic Containers, IML technology elevates the elegance and beauty of the brand.
* The pre-printed PP Label is inserted into the double cup container mold at the commencement phase of its manufacturing. This assures the label to become an integral part of the double cup container that enhances its beauty. This can be done through precise processes like Injection Molding, IML, Thermoforming IML, or Blow Molding IML!
* Almost all the food packaging manufacturers have seconded the sharp increase in their sales because of the enhanced attractiveness after using IML technology in the manufacturing of their double cup containers.There is a perfect mixture of the containers and the packaging label (with the original colors) that compels the prospective buyer to finalize the product.
* Upon bending the fold line to mix the two components, the Double cup container with IML technology seldom damages the beauty of the labels as they are the integrated part of the container.
* IML Containers are almost beyond impossible to duplicate because the duplicate cost is really high. Hence fall into the category of Anti-Fake Products.
* Double Cup Container With IML will get a fresh, clean look, which is blended with assured quality without any duplication.

Conclusion –
Without any ambiguity, In Mold Labeling Technology is the highly preferred manufacturing method by Packaging Manufacturers especially in the manufacturing process of the double cup containers. The double cup containers not only facilitate the mixing of the ingredients before eating but its design also assures the separate consumption as well!
Using IML Technology during the manufacturing of the double cup containers, an up-market brand image is created due to its elegant and attractive look as the label is 100% an integral part of the container!

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