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Food Processors are seeing an increased demand!



Covid-19 has changed the entire scenario across the world in almost all industries. There is a major change that is taking place in the food processing and packaging industry as well! Suddenly, they are finding an abrupt increase in their packaged food items. People are shifting from food preparation of fresher, healthier, and extra premium products to the food processors & packaged foods. A sudden increase in various packaged food items like cheese, yogurt, and some healthy snack, thus saving long working hours in the kitchen.

So, the food processing industry is facing dual responsibility – How to keep their workers safe in this Covid-19 fear and maximize productivity without deterioration in the taste. Hence, the entire industry is in search of all the possible avenues wherein they can maintain hygiene within their food processing method.

One such method most of the food processing manufacturers have concluded is to choose their food containers manufactured with the latest – In-Mold Labeling Technology. Most of the cheese cups, yogurt cups, or various snack containers prefer IML technology because it has been proved that the food containers manufactured with IML technology are 100% germ-free. And the workers can handle it without much effort. One more advantage of all these containers including snack containers is they can be recycled. Thus, these recyclable packagings are ecofriendly.

To meet the demand for various cheese cups, yogurt cups, and snack containers the labeling also requires continual changes. And the label design changes are possible with hardly any efforts and extra costs. These IML labels can be printed in High-Density quality with utmost precision and mentioning the entire message because the labels are infused during the recyclable packagings snack containers or the rest of the containers during their manufacturing stage. Initially, labels and containers are different but with the In-Mold Labeling, they become one single unit, without deteriorating in the quality of the label or the container.

Most of the famous food processors brands are experiencing a sudden increase in their sales during this pandemic and IML Technology snack containers are playing a major role in their growth.

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