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How To Apply In-Mold Labeling Technology To Packaging Industry?



In-Mold Labeling is the most advanced process wherein an High Density (HD) quality pre-printed label is fused with the polypropylene container during its manufacturing stage. Most of the famous brands from different industries use this futuristic technology to manufacture their IML containers.

In short, food packaging stage begins with the empty container that is blended with the high quality label in the mold itself, for further processing. After the specified curing time, the in-mold label and the container turn out to be one single piece. Very famous brands manufacture their ice cream containers and their butter containers with the help of the In-Mold Labeling process.

Various types of IML cups or containers can be manufactured with IML technology, which can be done impeccably from any of the following three processes:

Injection Molding: In this process, the pre-printed label is placed into the mold before the actual process is initiated. Then high-temperature liquefied polymers are injected into the mold. Once the container is cooled, the label and the container form one single unit.

Most of the butter containers and yogurt packaging are manufactured using this method.

Blow Molding: The forced out plastic is put into a hollow pipe. This tube is caught in the mold. Air is blown into the mold with a full thrust, which gives the desired shape. The inner wall contains the label printed on it.

This process is highly useful when the contents are in liquid form. Products like liquid soaps, dish-washing detergents, sauces, shampoos, sauces, etc. use this method.

Thermoforming: Most of the ice cream containers or coffee cups are manufactured with the help of the Thermoforming In-Mold labeling process.

In this process, plastic sheets with high temperature are used, which are converted into the containers. The pre-printed labels go along with the plastic sheets. These sheets are stamped onto the mold wherein the label and the container are amalgamated into one product.

Advantages Of In-Mold Labeling:

· Sturdy: The containers manufactured under IML technology can handle a high degree of wear and tear.

· Minimum Manufacturing Lead Time: The production time of IML containers is absolutely lesser compared to other modes. The main reason is the label is blended with the container during its manufacturing stage.

· Eco-Friendly Containers: All the raw material used in the process of In-Mold Labeling is 100% environmentally friendly.

· Customization: You will be given various options concerning the label’s customization. Even the changing of the label contents hardly costs any additional costs. The manufacturers can use almost all the color combinations to make their containers attractive.

· Maximum Detailing: Almost the entire surface area of the container can be utilized with the In-Mold Labeling process. The product contents or any contest details can be messaged in-depth, for the benefit of the customers to avoid any confusion.


In-Mold Labeling technology is one of the cost-effective technology to label the containers very effectively and with utmost low lead time. The label is the part of the polypropylene container and hence 100% water-resistant.

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