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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of IML Product Technology!



What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of IML Product Technology?

Firstly, In-Mold Label (IMS) is the futuristic technology that is blended with tons of advantages. As a coin has two sides, it also has some of its disadvantages. Read further to understand in-depth its pros & cons.

In-Mold Technology is the process, wherein during the container manufacturing stage a High Density (HD) label is infused with it. The blend of these two identities (container + label) becomes the superior quality highly attractive, durable, and robust IML container. In short, the final container is blended with three layers: The first layer is the film (final label design), the second layer includes ink and the base layer is the outer surface of the container.

Even the customers have become highly health-conscious and prefer those food containers that are manufactured under IML label technology. People pay extra addition on the surface and packaging of the food containers, especially the food containers. And hence almost all the suppliers are switching from their traditional container manufacturing process this revolutionary In-Mold Label manufacturing process. Now, let us proceed towards the advantages and disadvantages of IML Label Technology:


Short Lead Time: You can manufacture the film with a very limited lead time when compared with traditional methods.

Stress-Free Color Alterations: Without much expense, you can change the film color (label design) without much stress. Get a colorful artwork as many times as you want, before the actual manufacturing process.

Scratch Proof Surface: With this latest IML technology, the surface of the IML Container is very smooth. It gets a unique identity on the shelf.


Defect Rate: The chances are that the defective rate might be on the higher side.

Label Peeling: The label might get peeled-off very easily once the product is sold. But this might cause a surface issue.

Hence, when you compare the advantages of IML technology over its disadvantages, you can be assured that this is one of the most cost-effective switch-over from traditional to contemporary container manufacturing process.

Not only the small and medium scale brands have already reaped the rewards of this technology, but even the big brands use this technology to increase their bottom lines!

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