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A Dialogue With Zhang Hongji, CEO Lian Coffee – Corporate Ambition To Use Pre-packaged To Recognize Café Freedom!



One of the most trusted, internationally acclaimed coffee brands Lian Coffee has decided to pioneer a very new concept – “Restore the Store Experience in the Form of Pre-Packaged Products”! This has been confirmed by their CEO Zhang Hongji, in one of his interviews. This has become not only the talk of the town but the topic of the entire Coffee Market as well. This concept is not a one-day baby, as confirmed by Zhang, but it took seven long years of in-depth exploration and study in the field. The main aim of this new concept is to explore and penetrate the small towns in the county without disturbing their established infrastructure in big cities. This will be done with their most appreciated products in the form of Pre-Packaged Products to spread the aroma of their coffee products.

This major announcement was made by Lian Café on May 11, 2021. It states that their retail business has already crossed the respectable multi-million business, at the end of last financial year. This fantastic achievement was possible under the most liked leadership of their star host Li Jing from the Innovation Works!

Being the “Sovereign of Topic” – especially of the coffee track, their coffee actions were always the talk of the town and led to very fiery debates. Most of the critics would ask some questions just to prove their point. But this does not hide the reality, and thus Lian Coffee has become the first company to launch this unique concept of restoring the store experience in the minds of their customers in the form of pre-packaged products.

• What Product Concept Does A Coffee Can Have?

• What is the successful Brand Philosophy that has been followed for the past 7 years?

• Is there any difference between the other players in the market and the Team’s very Strong Internet Color, especially on the coffee track?

• What is the Insight you have on the Coffee Market?

To achieve the success of this latest concept, they have decided to adopt the futuristic In-Mold Label Technology for their coffee packaging. Their new (and existing) coffee cups will be manufactured with the help of IML technology, and plastic packaging will be done. The main reason to adopt this IML technology is its perfection and excellent quality of label printing. With this technology, the coffee cup container will be fused with the multi-colored label during its manufacturing process, thus forming one single product. Even their Coffee capsules (plastic containers with an aluminum foil seal) will be manufactured with IML Technology to give the desired attractive look. These coffee capsules can be used not only for ground coffee but also for other product range.

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