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Food Packaging That Understands the Hearts of Young People


It cannot be denied that it will be the 18 to 35 year old youth that will be the strong basis for majority of the present consumption power of food products.

So, it is not a surprise that 70 percent of the entries in this year’s Marking Awards worldwide food packaging design competition that they have been the focused consumer sector.

These food products have been observed to carry some properties in common that have been identified to reflect the psychological state of mind of this youthful consumer group. These food products reflect the sense of advancement, the sense of healing and the sense of purity that they always look for in anything in their lives, including the packaging of the food they consume.

There is this Super Leg product which is packaged shaped like a chicken thigh and inside is chicken leg ready to be microwaved and eaten. It fulfills the sense of advancement (being fast) through its message that the chicken is ready to be eaten after being heated and through the IML Technology or In Mold Labeling process employed on the packaging. There are bold colors and IML is an eco friendly process that attaches the plastic label directly on the packaging through injection molding.

IML has very high consumer acceptability because of its “green” authentication and the 18 to 35 year old group has been very receptive by purchasing large volumes of IML packaged products.

This youth bracket, being very conscious of the environment, buy also food products that fill their sense of purity through pure packaging. Examples of these are biodegradable bottles and paper and plastic packaging that is also surprisingly clean for the environment.

The sense of healing is achieved through this yogurt packaging wherein the color and font styles make the product look relaxing and the youthful consumer feels lazy. It’s like saying to the yogurt product buyer that you’ve worked so hard. So now, it’s time for you to relax… Eat up or drink up now.

On the yogurt can itself, there’s a sloth, lying lazily on an orange fruit, very relaxed.

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