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How To Make The Tea Market Fashionable And Cool In 2020?



Do you know the current Global Tea Market Size? Roughly it is estimated to be around 400 billion! But surprisingly, not many of the young people prefer instant tea, unlike the instant coffee cup market.

And, as a tea brand manufacturer – whether you are a local player or a global player – it is important for you to work towards your slice of market share!


In the year 2020, how can you tap more and more customers and increase your sales and in turn enhance your market share?

  • Health Consciousness:Most of the tea lovers prefer black tea. The studies have proved that around 80% of the consumers vote for those tea brands that are directly related to health and hygiene (this includes taste & packaging quality as well).
  • Drink Tea Package: Yes, this also plays a major role. Not only the package should be attractive but also 100% hygiene oriented. Studies have shown that consumers prefer those teacups that are packed by using In-Mold Packaging technology. The core consumer group that has to be tapped falls in the age group of 25years to 35years. Specially designed young people drinking cups are in great demand that is very useful to tap this GenX.
  • Brewed Better Quality:To gain attention towards this huge tea market, exclusive brews will play a very important role. The most fashionable Milk Tea IML Packaging has won 00’s and 95’s manufactured with IML Packaging should get special attention. Also, Kombucha tea and cold brewing tea after the ’80s and ’90s can get wide acceptance.
  • Green Tea: As mentioned earlier, Black tea is consumed very high across the world. It is followed by Green and White Tea and last but not least, tea-lovers prefer Herbal tea.


Irrespective of the type of tea or the brand most of the tea manufacturers are showing a shifting trend towards In-Mold Labeling packaging. The main reason is its manufacturing cost is very low and if required, alterations in the design can be done very fast. This futuristic process – during the manufacturing stage of the tea container – wherein the container and the High-Density label are blended to become one single container. Not only the entire process is eco-friendly but also 100% germfree. This has compelled many famous and local brands to get their milk teacups, coffee cups, young people drinking cups, and drink tea package to use IML packaging processes.

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