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Primary Reasons For More Popularity Of Plant-Based Yogurt In Europe & America Than China!



What Is The Future Of Plant Based Yogurt?

Plant based yogurt will be considered one of the highest-growing snacks across the world. It is prevalent in Europe and America as compared to China. Most consumers prefer yogurts packed in IML yogurt cups. Also, they like plant based yogurt cups and 71 caliber cup and lid!

Studies have proved that more than 50% of plant based yogurt in America and Europe was derived from nuts, and most containers were sized at 71 caliber cup and lid. Also, plant based yogurt cups were manufactured with the help of IML technology.

The vegan yogurt global market’s net worth is $ 2.2 billion. Also, it is set to increase at a phenomenal growth of 8.9% CAGR. The most popular yogurt-type containers are IML yogurt cup, 7.1 caliber cup and lid, and plant based yogurt cups.

Furthermore, the studies show that the market valuation by the yearend 2032 for plant based yogurt by will be around $ 5.1 billion.

Studies have shown that standard plant based yogurts will always be in demand irrespective of different types of availability of flavors.

How Does In-Mold Labeling Play An Important Role In Manufacturing Plant Based Yogurt Cups?

With the help of the latest technology called In-Mold Labeling, the entire yogurt market has reached a different dimension. IML yogurt cup is found to be the safest container for plant based yogurt. The shelf life of the yogurt is increased drastically in a 70 caliber cup and lid. With the help of IML technology, the plant-based yogurt cups are beautiful.

One of the reasons why plant based yogurts are findings their way to the consumers is their eco-friendliness. All the IML yogurt cups and plant based yogurt cups are environmentally friendly. Even 71 caliber cup and lid are in high demand across the world! And consumers prefer these IML yogurt cups.

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