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Factors Impacting Consumer Demands For Food And Drink Industry In 2023!



Two major types of industries will directly affect due to the change in the consumers’ behavioral patterns. These changes can be seen in food packaging and snacks pacakging. The IML packaging in China will alter the appearance of drink food packaging and make it more appealing.

1. Food Industry

2. Drink Industry

According to Mintel analysts, almost 10 factors will directly affect the consumers’ demands for the two industries mentioned above – the food and drink industries. This impact can be seen over the new few years and 5+ years into the future. The main factor that consumers will prefer apart from the taste is the food packaging, snacks pacakging, and drink food packaging. IML packaging in China will take a massive leap in the packaging industry.

Over the next few years, consumers expect much more from the existing food and drink industry.

What Are The Evolving Factors & Trend Drivers As Per The Mintel, Which Will Directly Affect The Foundational Consumer Behaviours Aspects?

  1. Value: The cost of any food or drink item will directly depend on the quality of food packaging, snacks packaging, and drink food packaging. Hence, In-Mold Labeling – IML packaging in China will play a vital role in the cost reduction of the product.
  2. Packaging Experience: IML packaging in China is still growing; hence, its experience in this field is limited. But the growth rate is very drastic. The packaging material will directly impact the prospective buyers’ purchasing decisions. Therefore, food packaging, snacks pacakging, and drink food packaging are taking a giant leap in maintaining the quality of the containers.
  3. Surrounding: What exactly is the entire market working towards understanding the needs of the consumers. Not only the local market size but even the global market size of the food and drink industry will directly impact the Industry.


Factors that will directly impact consumer demands for the food and drink industry In 2023 will be the contents and packaging charm. The IML packaging in China is making maximum efforts to enhance the appeal of food packaging, snacks packaging, and drink food packaging. This will show positive growth and increase consumer preference for that product.

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