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Can Mini Cup Save The Milk Tea Industry?



Milk tea is famous and acceptable in most countries as a cultural and traditional drink.

Industrial growth depends on how that industry changes as per consumer needs.

For example why the milk tea industry is not successful as a coffee industry?

The standard volume of the milk teacup is sold 500 ml, 700ml, or 1000ml containers. Hardly a few milk tea manufacturers sell the same tea in containers below the standard size. Even their drinking cups and plastic packaging of the containers are not up to the mark.

During a transition period, various types of flash activities are undertaken by industrial stalwarts. One such activity undertaken by Milk Tea Manufacturers is the launch of “Mini Cup” – a kind of test marketing for the milk tea industry. This mini cup concentrated on three major aspects of the milk tea – external aesthetics by changing drinking cups design and color combination and using IML plastic packaging technology!

The advantages of Mini Cup:

• It is not possible to ignore the different advantages of mini cups offered to the consumers who are slowly developing their interest in milk tea unless they are offered in an attractive plastic packaging blended with a colorful drinking cup.

• Due to a hectic lifestyle most of the tea loves require tea, every couple of hours. And, offering them the drink cups of 500 ml to 1000 ml is not viable. They cannot consume milk tea with such a huge quantity. Hence, the standard size is reduced in the range of 100ml to 300ml cup. This has attracted many tea-lovers.

• Because of the small size of plastic packaging of the tea-drinking cup, most of the consumers develop curiosity in the drink and opt for at least one milk tea.

• The Plastic packaging of milk tea is highly attractive and develops inquisitiveness in the drink because the milk tea packaging is done by In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology.

• Because of the latest IML technology, an attractive color combination of the container label is possible.

Future Of “Mini Cup” In The Milk Tea Industry:

All the activities undertaken by the tea brand will surely ignite inquisitiveness among the consumers. The attractive shape of the drinking cups, design, and alluring plastic packaging served with a high grade tea, which does not contain the contents with any plastic particles, is the future of the milk tea industry. In this entire scenario, In-Mold Labeling Technology is going to play a vital role in saving and reviving the milk tea industry. The affordable price blended with soothing aroma and taste will attract many consumers, and surely the entire market will show a steep sell of milk tea

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