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What Are The Benefits Of Designing A “Cat Ear” Cup Lid With IML Technology?



Not one but almost all the food industry stalwarts, across the world, are opting for In-Mold Labeling Technology to manufacture their various types of containers and cups!

It has been confirmed by Nissin that they have voted to use IML technology to manufacture their Instant Noodle Cups Lids with the futuristic In-Mold (IML) Technology with an instant noodle cup theme as – “Cat Ear”!

What Are The Benefits Of Designing A “Cat Ear” Cup Lid With IML Technology?

IML technology means – one plastic container and one label is fused under the controlled heat and pressure in the injection molding machine – to make one product. This process can be done in the following three processes:

• Injection Molding Process

• Blow Molding Process

• Thermoforming Process


• High-Quality IML Cup: High-quality graphics is possible because the label and a container are two separate items before the IML manufacturing process commences. The label can be finalized with vibrant colors and choices beforehand. Hence, a very high-quality Instant Noodle Cup with a “Cat Ear” design was possible.

• Reduced Plastic Usage: Nissin was able to reduce almost 33 tonnes of plastic usage in the year 2021. This is possible only because of In-Mold Labeling Technology!

• Hot Resistance PP Cup: Nissin could manufacture a new Hot Resistance PP Cup with the help of IML technology as the label is infused in the container with high-quality Polypropylene.

• Cost-Effective: Most traditional methods like secondary operations, use of adhesives, etc. are eliminated.

• Sturdy & Durable: The instant noodle cup and the lid gave more shelf-life to the contents because the container is highly durable and tamper-proof.

• HD Quality Graphics And Designing: Nissin was able to use multiple choice of colors and gave a very alluring plastic cup. Also, they were able to have different design options because of IML technology. The ink opacity is on the higher side as compared to traditional methods.

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