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Which Brand Will Conquer The Zenith Position In The Global Coffee Market By 2026?



Generic factors definitely play a major role in the entire marketing strategy to become number one. These factors include – Coffee Taste, Coffee Innovation, etc. But one factor will change the entire marketing plan that will compel all the coffee brands to adapt it!

Which Factor Is This? Read further!

The market size of China’s Coffee Industry will be increased with a compounded growth rate of 10% per year – from 2021 to 2026. In other words, entire China’s coffee market will touch around 170 billion Yuan by the end of 2026.

Not only the market size of Instant Coffee will experience this tremendous growth but Speciality Coffee will also show a drastic development in its demand. It is expected that the taste of cold brew coffee will be close to the existing coffee market. Even the market penetration will be evolved exponentially.

The Factor That Will Change The Entire Scenario:-

Coffee Cup! Yes, apart from all the regular factors mentioned above, the coffee cup’s appearance will play a vital role in achieving the number one position for any brand. Customer will always give importance to the following factors before choosing any brand:

· Hygiene

· Coffee Cup Appearance

Any plastic coffee cup with a detailed and attractive label mentioning all the ingredients will top the customers’ preference list. And, not only the above-mentioned two factors are achieved, but also the most attractive and elegant label is possible with the help of the latest In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology. This technology not only enhances coffee hygiene but also its appearance.

Most of the international brands like Starbucks, KFC, Sandton, and Luckin Coffee have already started using IML technology for their regular coffee cups and plastic cups. Utmost importance is given to the appearance of their existing “Coffee Small Jars”. The main aim of giving this special attention to their coffee containers is to make the product packaging, a super symbol of their brand! Even the preferred plastic lid can be manufactured by the In-Mold Labeling Technology! The latest IML Coffee Cup appearance is the future, which will decide the number one position amongst the existing brand, by 2026!

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