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Environment Friendly – One of The Positive Effects Of IML Technology!



In-Mold Labeling is a futuristic packaging technology that is gaining very high popularity across the world, especially in the dairy packaging industry. Most of the international brands have already adopted this IML Packaging technology and started reaping its benefits.Advantages Of IML Technology:

· Cost Effective: As the label and the packaging container – for example ,  IML Butter Container or a Yogurt cup – are fused as one product in one single step drastically reduces the cost of the container and increases the bottomlines.

· Time Saviour: The fused product container is done in one single process, and hence a lot of time is saved in its manufacturing.

· Environment-Friendly: This technology uses that raw material, which can be easily recycled as the label and packaging material has almost similar properties. Very limited resources are used hence it promotes a healthy environment.

· Hygienic: It has been studied that the containers manufactured with IML packaging technology are highly hygienic and thus the contents last longer.

· Sturdy: Most extreme weather conditions are easily sustained by the containers manufactured by IML packaging technology. Not only extreme heat but even water has a very limited impact on the final IML container.

· Very Alluring Asthenic: The label can be printed with utmost beauty and detailing. Once this label is finalized, it can be directly amalgamated with the container thus giving perfection beyond improvement appearance.

It has been observed that traditional packaging materials like Glass, Aluminum, Paperboard, and Paper packaging containers affect the environment with negative impacts. Hence, IML Packaging technology is preferred across the world as it eliminates most of the disadvantages of old-fashioned packaging materials. Hence, kudos to IML Technology as it gives a very amicable impact on the environment due to its intrinsic advantages and becoming the latest packaging drive.

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