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Appreciation of 2021MUSE DESIGN Award-winning packaging works!



What Exactly Are The MUSE Awards & The MUSE Design Awards?

The MUSE Awards program is – The Elegance’ personified at its peak, which has been uniquely designed by the International Awards Association (IAA) in the year 2015! These awards are given to the best in each category that depicts the exclusive passion towards their creative vision! This award is bestowed to those who are the champions, visionaries, and risk-takers in their respective industries.

Basically, The MUSE Design Awards are the extended fragment of the Muse Awards. These are conferred to the toppers of an impeccably designed International Competition, in order to support those designers who set an example with their wonderful skill alteration. These awards are won by those with unique innovation, a novel idea, and extensive works that make others frightened! And in this awesome transition of their novelty, they redefine the entire boundaries and scope of the idea – similar to The Muse!

How The Muse Design Can Be Related To The In-Mold Labeling (IML) Technology?

As mentioned earlier, the entire product gets an ultimate transformation due to the uniqueness of skilled craftsmanship. IML Technology fuses one plastic container and a beautifully designed label into one container thus giving any exclusive container.

The plastic packaging industry is adopting this unique change that offers excellent packaging design. Almost all the beverage manufacturing giant corporates are adopting their beverage packaging with this futuristic IML technology.

What Is The Technology Used In IML Packaging Process?

In-mold Labeling is done with the help of the following three processes:

· Blow Molding Technology

· Injection Molding Technology

· Thermoforming Molding Technology

A beautifully designed label is amalgamated with the plastic container under very high temperature and pressure. This gives one single product, which is highly appealing. This IML Technology definitely deserves the MUSE Design Award because the entire look and appearance of the container are personified at their best.

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