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Why Mini Milk Tea Is Gaining Popularity Among Tea Lovers?



There are huge benefits of milk tea and hence it is gaining popularity across the globe. Traditionally, tea was not an hourly or three-hourly drink. But, today’s lifestyle has increased the stress level of the working class. Hence they prefer some energy drink after a couple of hours. And, a milk tea cup is the best option available to gain that desired energy.

• Delivers Strength: A routine milk tea cup with an appropriate blend of tea and milk is an excellent source that delivers strength. Fresh milk contains calcium and tea adds flavor to the drink.

• Stress Reduction: It has been proved that one tea cup reduces stress – physical and mental as well.

• Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent: It has been scientifically proved that tea leaves reduce inflammation.

• Useful in weight reduction: Most weight-trainers recommend mini milk tea cups in their weight loss regime.

• Enhances your mood: Sudden positive mood swings can be experienced because of milk tea.

The above-mentioned advantages of milk tea have made this drink very popular. And hence many international tea and coffee brands have started venturing into the milk tea market.

Instead of giving readymade tea in a 500ml or 700ml plastic tea cup, these brands have touched the nerve of the consumer requirement. They have introduced Milk PP Cups, Plastic Cups, Plastic Tea Cups, and Milk Tea Cups in various mini-sizes of 200ml, 300ml, and 400ml. This has increased the demand for milk tea exponentially.

Why this increase in demand for Milk Tea?

  • Firstly, the milk tea cups are highly attractive and 100% safe. This is possible because these milk pp cups and milk tea cups are manufactured with the latest In-Mold Labeling technology. This IML technology keeps the contents absolutely safe and hygiene is maintained.
  • Secondly, due to stress levels, consumers prefer small quantities after every couple of hours. Hence 700ml becomes too big for one-time consumption.

We manufacture different types of milk pp cups that are very attractive. Consumers prefer to choose our milk tea cups over traditional glass cups. They can easily carry our plastic tea cups with them and walk comfortably without any burden.

Hence, different brands like Heytea, Naixuecha, Starbucks, Luckincoffee are opting for those plastic tea cups, and milk pp cups that are manufactured by In-Mold Labeling technology. One more advantage of IML technology is the shelf life is very long and does not contaminate the contents for a very long time. The original aroma and taste are maintained with the help of IML technology plastic cups.

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