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Four Reasons For Increase In Demand Of Frozen Dumpling Cans, Dumpling Storage Containers, Frozen Cans, IML Printed Tubs, & Dumpling Plastic Trays!


Per Capita Consumption Of Quick Frozen Foods:

China – 9kg

Japan – 20kg

Europe – 35kg

United States – 60kg

Further studies show that the US market size will reach around 309.08 billion dollars. Even the Chinese frozen food industry will exceed 20% in the next five years (with 500 billion Yuan market revenue by 2030). This will increase the demand for dumpling storage containers, frozen cans, and frozen dumpling cans and enhance the need for IML printed tubs and dumpling plastic trays.

What Are The Reasons For the Increase In Frozen Food Items?

  1. the penetration level of microwave ovens and refrigerators is almost 100% in 1st tier cities. The younger generation prefers to settle in 1st tier cities. Group renting, refrigerators, and microwaves are the new normal for this generation. This is the base of an increase in frozen foods, leading to a rise in In-Mold containers. We can expect tremendous growth in Frozen Dumpling Cans, Dumpling Storage Containers, Frozen Cans, IML Printed Tubs, & Dumpling Plastic Trays.
  2. Technological advancement in the food industry has helped improve taste and shelf life by producing frozen foods. And the product longevity has compelled the producers to take care of their containers. Thus, containers like dumpling storage containers, frozen cans, and frozen dumpling cans manufactured with the help of IML technology are in high demand. Frozen cans, Dumpling plastic trays, and IML printed tubs are encountering phenomenal growth.
  3. The improvement in legal formalities and regulations will compel to increase in the delivery cost. If the delivery cost exceeds the delivery, consumers will re-consider frozen foods’ convenience, quickness, and quality.
  4. The performance cost of e-commerce websites has excelled drastically. It applies to all types of low-temperature products. The bottom line is diminishing because of the ever-increasing cost of cold chain express. Only offline products can help reduce delivery costs; thus, frozen food items can be affordable.


Across the world, consumers are expecting superior-quality frozen foods. Thus, there is an increased demand for frozen dumpling cans, dumpling storage containers, frozen cans, IML printed tubs, & dumpling plastic trays! This has obligated all food manufacturers to take care of the food taste and packaging material.

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