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Why Is IML Packaging Widely Used To Produce IML Butter Containers, IML Ice Cream Containers, And IML Yogurt Cups?



In-Mold Labeling Technology is one of the most advanced manufacturing processes that have gained wide popularity amongst different industries. In this process, molten PP or PE is amalgamated with the pre-printed label at a controlled temperature. The pre-printed label is impeccably blended into the container without disturbing or overwriting its contents. And the final container comes out as one product. Hence, most IML packaging technology is used to mass-produce IML butter containers, IML ice cream containers, and IML yogurt cups.

And this latest technology entered the Chinese market in the year 2000. No sooner did the In-Mold Technology find its way into China, it gained popularity beyond expectations because of the following principal reasons:

  • The IML Butter Containers produced carry beautiful and alluring decorative effects.
  • All the IML Packaging output is unique and cannot be counterfeit features.
  • The IML Ice Cream Containers and IML Yogurt Cups are manufactured after accounting for all the eco-friendly factors.
  • Increased shelf-life of the contents
  • Sturdiness blended with hygiene and positive appeal.

With all these benefits, the Chinese market instantly embraced the IML packaging technology to produce IML butter containers, IML ice cream containers, IML yogurt cups, and various other dairy products.

Records show that the annual consumption of In-Mold Labels has increased from quite a few thousand square meters per year. The year 2007 showed a yearly consumption of around 20 million square meters. The IML packaging technology was used not only in manufacturing IML butter containers, IML ice cream containers, and IML yogurt cups but also in different applications from the field of Cosmetic, Daily Household Chemical and Food Industries, and Commercial Chemical applications.

Following are the shocking figures for China and the US IML label consumption:

  • Entire China’s label industry market share is around 1% of the label market.
  • The US In-Mold Label consumption is more than 7% to 8% of the entire label market.

To Conclude – Needless to say, the market penetration of IML Labels worldwide is shallow. But the silver lining for China and the rest of the world is that 99% IML label market is still untapped. With reasonable efforts and marketing, IML packaging technology can be popular to manufacture IML butter containers, IML ice cream containers, and IML yogurt cups!

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