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China Dairy Manufacturing Corporates Yili & Mengniu Are Listed In World’s Top 20 Dairy Companies!



It is highly motivating news for the China dairy manufacturing companies. Two of our dairy companies – Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group & China Mengniu Diary Company- have been on the top 20 dairy companies list in 2022. Yili is at number 5, and Mengniu is ranked number 8.

Honokage – the leaders in IML dairy packaging containers and most of the dairy packaging made it possible to offer the best IML packaging to the entire China dairy manufacturing industry. The product quality helped them rank, and even the IML Dairy Packaging Container and Dairy Packaging enhanced their order. Despite all the odds during the year, especially the Covid-19 pandemic, these two corporates have achieved the breakthrough.

What Is The Effect Of These 2 China Dairy Manufacturing Companies Entry Into the Top 20, Lead To?

  • Nothing but a positive future is seen for these two companies and the entire china dairy manufacturing industry. The industry can expect superior dairy packaging and IML dairy packaging containers from the reputed manufacturer Honokage.
  • With the extraordinary growth of these two China Dairy Manufacturing Conglomerates, almost all dairy-related subsidiaries and industries will face high growth. There will be an improvement in the taste of the dairy products; even the traditional dairy packaging will be shifted to IML dairy packaging containers.
  • This growth will increase the pressure on IML dairy packaging container manufacturers. Hence superior quality IML dairy packaging container manufacturers like Honokage will have a significant role to play.
  • Honokage has played a ‘behind the curtain’ role in the development of Yili and Mengniu. Most of the China dairy manufacturing units opt for Honokage to manufacture their dairy packaging and IML packaging containers.
  • These two companies, Yili and Mengniu, have induced a sizeable lifeline into the entire China dairy manufacturing industry and their related units.
  • Most of these dairy manufacturers are shifting from old dairy packaging to futuristic IML dairy packaging containers by opting for Honokage as their IML dairy packaging container manufacturer.
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