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Technological Issues Of Chinese Snack Food Market!



The Chinese Society of Food Science And Technology hosted the 9th China Snack Food Technology Innovation and Industry Development Conference got a very good response. It was from July 14th to 16th with the theme of “Consolidating the Foundation, Fusion Innovation”! This event was undertaken by the Snack Food Processing Technology Branch of the Chinese Society of Food Science And Technology.

Most of the eminent personalities felt that the Chinese snack food industry requires not only an overhauling in their food processing and manufacturing but also a drastic use of In-Mold Labeling Technology (IML technology) to change their food packaging, and snack food packaging, and use IML Plastic packaging.

Chinese Snack Food Industry has the following major issues to be sorted out immediately:

• Lack of concrete structure

• Large number of similar products

• reflects lack of innovation in the industry

• Non-use of IML technology and delivering food in low-grade plastic packaging.

• Food packaging is not given any importance by most of the small manufacturers.

• Uncertainty of differentiation among enterprises

• Imperfect system

• Wide administration of the processing factories

• Food safety risks: Earlier the food was classified based on ingredients, processes, and consumer likings. Today, it can be classified based on time and way of eating.

• Insufficient standards and regulations have increased the difficulty in healthy competition.

• Supply of raw material.

• Mechanism to process this raw material.

• Lack of attention on the production side: Most of the snack food manufacturers are very small and distributed across the country.

• Focusing on the marketing side is given more and production side is fully ignored

• Lack of common processing technology leads to waste of production. It is required to adopt common food processing technology to provide standardized solutions for similar snack foods

Chinese snack industry covers a very large number of food categories like roasted seeds and nuts, nuts, baked goods, meat products, puffed foods, etc., a new dimension of food classification is required.

Immediate solutions were undermined as under to enhance the Chinese Snack Industry:

• Use Supremacy Of Science And Technology – Minimum processing methods and support fresh-keeping technology and make maximum use of natural elements in the food products

• Increase Consumer Education: Make use of all possible means to educate the consumers to maintain the first position in the market.

• Increase Coordination: Enhance coordination with the scientific-technological community, and the entire food processing and manufacturing segments. Also, concentrate on the core competitive values of the enterprises by giving nutritious snack food items.

• Healthy Competition: Transform the snack food industry by using IML technology and plastic packaging and stick to competitive ethics. Give importance to value competition instead of price competition

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