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The Importance Of Coffee Vending Machine In The Growth Of Coffee Market



There are three main categories in Coffee Market.

• Instant Coffee

• Ready To Drink Coffee

• Freshly Ground Coffee

And, considering China as a whole market the proportion of the coffee market is 7:2:1.

An interesting fact is, Freshly Ground Coffee across the world exceeds 87% of the entire coffee consumption. Also, this proportion is expected to change in the case of developed countries. Their per capita income (PCI) is directly proportional to the coffee consumption level. An increase in PCI will lead to a change in consumer’s preference category and will shift from instant coffee and cafes to Ready To Drink Coffee.

Traditional coffee cups will lose their importance as their capacity was in the range of 500ml to 1000ml. The current market trend shows that the preferred drinking cup size is about 12 OZ cups i.e. approx. 355 ml.

The coffee experts foresee the importance of Coffee Vending Machines. Consumers will also give preference to those coffee vending machines with automatic drop cup lid systems for extra convenience. And, the coffee cup and the drinking cup will not be of traditional size but will be a 12 OZ cup, especially in an automatic drop cup lid machine.

Advantages Of Automatic Drop Cup Lid & Coffee Vending Machine:

• Whether instant powder coffee-machine or freshly ground coffee machines, both will give a self-service opportunity to the consumers.

• Depending on the consumers’ preference, an automatic drop cup lid will assure authentic and superior quality coffee.

Types of Coffee Vending Machines:

• Floor Standing Coffee Vending Machine

• Table-top Coffee Vending Machine

The study has proved that the demand for coffee shops and the quality of coffee is shrinking day by day. Various types of Household Coffee Vending Machines have seen excellent demand across the world. Lots of Commercial Coffee Vending Machines are seen on street alleys, school corridors, subway platforms, bust stations, etc. where the crowd plays an important role. A sufficient quantity of coffee can be dispensed in the coffee cup or drinking cup (around 12 OZ cups) and is preferred by most coffee lovers.

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