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Solution Beyond Perfection For Butter Package & Butter Tub – IML Injection Molded PP Packaging!



Butter – one of the highly loved food items across the world!

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of butter is its freshness, aroma, and taste. If any one of the three USPs falls short, the product fails to appeal to the consumers. And out of all the USP’s Butter Freshness plays a vital role in product acceptance. Hence, butter manufacturers require concentrating more on butter package and appropriate size butter tubs. All the traditional butter packaging processes increase the product cost exponentially.

Is There Any Cost-Effective Butter Package And Butter Tub Available In The Market?

Yes, the transition from traditional butter package to the latest In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology, also known as – IML Injection Molded PP packaging – is the optimum solution available in the market. With this futuristic technology, not only your entire butter package and butter tub cost is reduced but its freshness is also maintained.

Advantages of IML Injection Molded PP Butter Package And Butter Tub Packaging:

It is implied that butter if packed in an expensive package traditionally, is full of drawbacks. Hence IML PP packaging has various advantages over traditional packaging:

• Cost Effective: The main aim is to reduce the cost of butter package and butter tub (without deteriorating its freshness) and IML packaging is perfection beyond improvement. An exclusive butter package can be manufactured with IML technology with a few eco-friendly raw materials and lesser cost.

• Maintains Freshness: Butter manufacturer’s motto is to offer fresh butter to their consumers. IML injection molded PP packaging adheres to this motto and keeps the contents i.e. butter fresh as new. The label is infused with the butter package container and butter tub during its manufacturing process. Hence, one product is produced. The butter packed in this container does not lose its aroma, quality, and most important – freshness.

Nevertheless, in conclusion, a superior quality butter package and butter tub is the basic requirement of excellent quality butter. IML injection molded PP packaging is the best way to pack excellent quality butter. In-Mold Labeling, which has three separate processes – Injection Molding, Blow Molding, and Thermoforming –, carry their intrinsic advantages hence the best packaging option for butter package and butter tub. IML packaging impeccably meets all the challenges in this highly competitive market to make the product successful!

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