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In-Mold Labeling Technology Creates History Again – Yili Has Upgraded Their Hokitika Factory (New Zealand) & Decided To Enter International Butter Market, Only With IML Tubs!



The current trend shows that the dairy industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Lots of new opportunities have emerged. Different markets have appeared. The dairy industry is seeing diversification in consumption patterns for various dairy products. Along with the rest of the dairy products, the butter sales are showing continual growth. This has compelled international dairy brands to increase their stakes in the International Butter Market. Along with the rest of the factors, the main focus is on the product & butter containers, and butter industries are switching over to the latest in mold labeled containers & IML butter containers for their dairy products.

To quote the latest example is – Yili Group!

Yili Group, on March 24, 2022, declared and pronounced an official launch of their ‘Goldrush’ Project! As you are aware, Yili Group is one of the largest dairy industries in Asia. It is ranked among the first top-five corporates in the dairy industry.

Their ‘Goldrush’ project comprises extensive up-gradation of their Westland Hokitika Factory situated on the west coast of New Zealand.

Their management has finalized to increase its high-quality grass-fed butter brand Westgold’s (Muen) annual production capacity. The current target of their production capacity is 42,000 tons annually.

Under the ‘Goldrush’ project, Yili Group plans to double its annual capacity. Slowly but surely, Yili Group is planning to launch in mold labeled containers in a different capacity. Some of these butter containers are 250g margarine tubs, one of the high selling products. They are planning to use, in mold labeled containers for a 250g margarine tub. Also, they are interested in regular butter containers, consistent use of in mold labeled containers, and 16oz margarine containers.

And in due course of time, they will get trained themselves from the international butter brands – Upfield, The Butter field Butter. Currently, Honokage is handling this Butter field Butter of Upfield.


As most well-known brands like Yili Group are switching from traditional containers to the latest in mold labeled containers depicts how important In-Mold Labeling technology is! Their decision to acquire the international market and use a 250g margarine container and 16oz margarine container shows us that the butter and dairy products stored in IML butter containers, increase the shelf life of the products.

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