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Do you know the futuristic label packaging technology called – In-Mold Labeling Packaging?



It is the latest food plastic packaging concept, which is successfully used in beverage plastic packaging and various types of in mold labelled packs.

In mold labelling packaging is totally different from the traditional Direct Silk Screen Printing, Heat Shrinkable Labels, and Self-Adhesive Label Printing! The food plastic packaging IML technology helps enhance the shelf-life of the product.

The importance of In Mold Labelled Packs has increased exponentially because of the sudden changes in consumer preferences! There is absolutely a drastic change in the Consumption Behavior and Consumers’ Consumption Concept.

What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Consumption Behavior?

Consumer/Consumption Behavior:

The study or learning of persons, crowds, or establishments related to the purchase, utilization, and disposal of the properties and facilities.

What Are The Changes Consumers Are Expecting?

Product Taste:

This is one implied fact that has been expected from the consumers since day one! If the product is not tasty, no consumer will prefer your product.

Health Nutrition:

After the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers prefer products that have very high proteins and carbohydrates. Health consciousness is one of the factors that decide consumer preference.

Other Factors:

Prospective buyers also give due consideration to hygiene and alluring In mold labelling packaging.

Food Plastic Packaging:

This is a recent development in consumers’ expectations. If the food plastic packaging or the beverage plastic packaging is manufactured with the help of In Mold labelling technology, and the products are available in In-Mold Labelled packs – prospective customers prefer these products.

Brand Power: Along with the food plastic packaging, consumers also accept the product if the brand power is good.


If most of the above mentioned facts are adhered to, the success of any product is absolute. And – Henglong is one of the impeccable In-Mold Labelled Food Containers Manufacturers – supplying across the world with their In Mold Labeling Packaging and superior Food Plastic Packaging containers. Henglong, for many years, is in the In mold labelling packaging market since 2010 and provides its customers with complete solutions concerning in mold labelled packs.

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