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What Is The Knowledge Of Changing Packaging For Food Brands?



Why McDonald’s opted In-Mold Labeling To Design It’s Latest Product – The Big Mac?

Across the world, most international brands are shifting their packaging base to In-Mold Labeling Technology. To quote one of the international giants is – The McDonald! The main reason for this shift is the quality of the container and its packaging.

Their new product – The Big Mac had many peculiar & exclusive ingredients which they wanted to display on the packaging:

• The entire packaging should look full of sauce. i.e. exact sauce color

• The cheese should have the effect of dropping down – it means that the delicious cheese is oozing out and depicting ample cheese quantity in The Big Mac.

• A cute little pineapple is drawn on the Pineapple Pie Packaging – their unique USP.

The traditional packaging method was not able to fulfill McDonald’s requirement as that technology did not have the facility to print these minute details!

Hence, looking at the requirements, McDonald’s and Pearl fisher – a separate design agency – in February 2021, decided to team up and officially collaborate. The main aim was to redesign the global packaging system along with all their plastic packaging products, to display all the above-mentioned requirements of the Big Mac on their new packaging. Hence, they opted to adopt the latest and futuristic IML technology and get the functional packaging, which provides value-addition to consumers.

With the help of IML Packaging technology, the entire design was exactly the way McDonald’s was expecting. The packaging gives the effect like – full of sauce, the dropped down cheese, little pineapple is displayed on the pineapple pie packaging – the entire visuals printed on the packaging were very clear and easy to understand.

Why In-Mold Labeling Technology Can Give Impeccable Packaging Design?

In this technology – during the manufacturing process of the containers and packaging, the pre-printed label is infused in the mold. This makes labels and the packaging one product, thus enhancing its quality.

The infusing of the label and the container can be done with the following three IML Manufacturing Processes:

• Blow Process

• Injection Process

• Thermoforming Process

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