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Honokage – The Most Trusted Manufacturer Of Futuristic In-Mold Labeling Containers!



In-Mold Labeling (IML) process is the latest container manufacturing process wherein the film (label) is placed inside the mold at the time of its manufacturing stage. This label is perfectly blended with the container and these two identities (container and label) become one single alluring container.

There are three main types of IML processes – Blow Molding, Injection Molding, and Thermoforming Process.

The integration of label and container is done by applying a very high pressure wherein the pre-heated (molten) plastic is injected immediately into the mold and thus it gets infused with the label with utmost impeccably!

Honokage is into In-Mold Labeling (IML) for more than a decade and thus gain a very high trust in the entire market. They have raised their goodwill by manufacturing a wide range of IML containers in almost every industry:

• Food Plastic Containers: Various types of food plastic containers for different brands, across the world.

• Ice Cream Containers: Honokage is dealing with very reputed brands in the Ice Cream industry.

• Butter Containers: Different types of shapes and sizes, depending on the brands, Honokage is offering their excellent quality precision in the Butter industry as well!

• Food Containers: These are different from plastic food containers. It has been proved that the food items stored in IML Containers manufactured by Honokage have enhanced shelf-life.

Why The Food Containers Manufactured By Honokage Are Considered The Best Across The Industry?

High-Security Role: To manufacture IML containers Honokage follows One-Step-Manufacturing-Process. Hence, a highly secured container comes out as the end product. Assured security of the container is implied because it is next to impossible to separate the label from the container as they are amalgamated to become one single unit!

Enhanced Quality: The product grade is enhanced due to the exquisite label color combination, which also assures a very smooth feel!

Enhanced Productivity: The entire container manufacturing process is simplified by the IML process. Not only it increases productivity but also reduces the lead time of the manufacturing process.

Sturdy Food Containers: As the containers are manufactured with the futuristic IML technology by Honokage, these food containers attain a very high sturdiness once they pass the entire manufacturing process. Seldom will the containers break or fall off! All the containers – irrespective of the industry – are 100% waterproof, oil-proof, and mildew-proof!

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process: Honokage is a certified Eco-Friendly Corporate, as they adhere to all the environmentally friendly industrial manufacturing processes. Hence they eradicate all the organic pollutants that are caused due to secondary labeling and printing.

Simplified Recycling Process: As the entire manufacturing process – labels and products – can be recycled at the same time – it gives 100% consideration to the protection of the environment.


Irrespective of your packaging requirements – Food Plastic Container, Ice Cream Container, Butter Container, Food Container, or any types of Containers, Honokage is fully equipped with the latest In-Mold Labeling manufacturing processes and they can demonstrate what you need, including yogurt containers, ice cream containers, and butter containers as well!

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