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IML yogurt cups have become a popular choice for yogurt products in China


In the Chinese market,IML yogurt cups have become a popular choice for packaging yogurt products, with more and more brands choosing to utilize this innovative product packaging solution. HONOKAGE, Berry, Superforms, Yili, Mengmiu, and Simple love are just a few of the brands that have incorporated IML yogurt cups into their product lines.


IML (In-Mold Labeling) is a process that involves placing a label into the mold of a product during the manufacturing process. This results in a highly durable label that is directly fused to the packaging, providing a high-quality graphic appearance that stands up to heat, cold, and humidity. These labels will not peel, crack, or fade, ensuring that the brand logo and product information remain clear and attractive over time.


IML yogurt cups come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them a versatile choice for packaging different yogurt products. They are available in square, round, and rectangular shapes, as well as a variety of sizes ranging from 100ml to 500ml. The plastic yogurt cups are made of high-quality plastic, making them lightweight, shatter-resistant, and easy to transport.


One of the key benefits of IML yogurt cups is their eye-catching design, which is sure to grab the attention of customers browsing the shelves. The high-quality graphics and vibrant colors make these cups stand out, helping to increase sales and brand recognition. In addition, the durability of the labeling ensures that the product remains in good condition, even after being transported and stored in various environments.


In terms of environmental impact, IML yogurt cups are a sustainable option, as they can be recycled after use. Unlike traditional paper or plastic packaging, these cups are made from materials that are easily recyclable, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

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