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It’s much easier to apply butter evenly on a bagel or toast if it has its designated pan. This keeps the fragile butter from melting and splattering all over the place, which may ruin your appetite for breakfast. Besides maintaining the butter’s creamy texture, using a reliable container can protect the butter from germs, bacteria, air, and heat that can destroy the quality because of spoilage. This article will tell you why you need to get a butter container now! And why Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry CO. Ltd. It is your best choice in storing your delightful butter.

What is Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry CO. Ltd.?

Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is one of the significant high-tech corporations in China. The company was first established in 2003, and since then, it has continued to expand its brand and become successful within its target market. Today, Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd has 17 years of professional experience producing and distributing high-quality plastic products.

Why trust Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry CO. Ltd.?

We are Supplier who Can Be Trusted

Our company has had reliable expertise in plastic molding, for ten years, Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry CO. Ltd is one of the most trusted Chinese butter container suppliers. We have an excellency in producing high-quality polypropylene containers. We provide in-depth research, understanding, and quality control within our materials and during production.


we are packaging experts who listen to our client’s and customers’ needs. We make products and offer services alight to your needs. We share the knowledge and experiences so you can gain an advantage from it too. We only not make your packaging more efficient but also make it more appealing.

Health and Food standards

Maximum product safety is ensured by certified quality management and compliance with all current hygiene and food regulations. All of our goods are made in a facility that meets BRC Global standards.

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Website: https://www.honokage.com/

Telephone: +86 596 6797685

Email: iml@honokage.com


  • Longchi Development Zone,
  • JiaoMei Town,
  • Longhai City, Fujian, China, 363107


A butter container is essential to prevent damage to the quality of your butter. But using any content available in the market is not the best option. Better to choose a trusted and high-quality product to protect any food and dairy products you want to store. Honokage specializes in producing in-mold food containers like butter containers, 1liter margarine bucket, and various sizes.

In our company, customers may acquire big numbers of conventional and customized packaging from our service, which provides rapid delivery times and high order quantities. Visit our website for Kroger butter container vendor.

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