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What Are The advantages Of a Customized In-Mold Yoghurt Cup Foil Sealer For Yogurt Cups?




In-Mold Labeling Technology is the technological wonder to manufacture yogurt cup foil sealers for yogurt cups.

Seldom will you find any disadvantages in the entire process of its manufacturing?

Following Are Some Of The Advantages Of Customized In-Mold Label Printing For Yoghurt Cups And The Yoghurt Cup Foil Sealer:

Superior Quality Graphics On Yogurt Cups:

Not only can you expect the best quality graphics concerning your product containers, but you can also get the labels printed in High Density (HD) graphics quality. You get a perfect color combination blended with intense and crusty yogurt cup foil sealer for yogurt cups. The printing is so vibrant that your yogurt cups will be eye-catchy! The yoghurt cup foil sealer design for the yogurt cups will stand out in the crowd of other yogurt cups.

Choice Of Substrates:

The base of the yogurt cup foil sealer for the advanced yogurt cups – also called Substrate – is available in two choices w.r.t. IML Labeling. Get a clear substrate for the yogurt cups to appeal to the customers or opaque substrate – the choice is yours!

Various Printing Options:

The yogurt cups and their yogurt cup foil sealer are available with various printing options! Choose from Offset, Gravure, Flexo, or Digital Print Options.

FDA Compliant Yoghurt Cup Foil Sealers For Your Yoghurt Cups:

Food and Drug Administration has laid down certain conditions for inks, coatings, and metallic inks for yogurt cups and yoghurt cup foil sealers. With the help of In-Mold labeling, the technology uses eco-friendly inks, coatings, and metallic inks during the manufacturing process of yogurt cup foil sealer and yogurt cups.


The above-mentioned advantages, carry absolute prominence and high importance, especially in the manufacturing process of yogurt cups and yogurt cup sealers!

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