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The Exact Understanding Of Healthy Food!



One question is very difficult to answer – What Is The Exact “Health” Of Healthy Food? The food that is highly delicious to eat, or the food that is less delicious but nutritious!

The exact meaning of healthy eating is – Different types of food items that are blended with nutrients (like carbohydrates, protein, water, fat, minerals, and vitamins) to maintain your good health, give a better feeling, contain high energy, and tastes good.

The nutritious & hygienic foods packed in In-Mold Labeling Containers are non diary yogurt cups, fruit juice cups, and high protein food containers!

As per the Chinese Dietary Philosophy, the best practice to be followed is having food 3 times a day:

Breakfast – As per most health-dietarians, breakfast should be very rich and contain all the nutrients. Having a sufficient quantity of breakfast will give you an excellent start to begin the day.

Lunch – It is said that your lunch should be full. Not as heavy as breakfast but sufficient quantity intake of healthy items should be your main dishes.

Dinner – You should never overeat during dinner time. A limited amount of food items blended with nutrients is recommended by nutritionists.

Remember, health cannot be sacrificed to eat highly delicious food but with zero nutrition.

There are two concepts, which you have to understand in-depth:

• Hungry AND

• Want To Eat

Here, health is to match food reasonably and control the amount of intake reasonably.

One more fact has to be followed strictly – having food items packed in the hygienic food container. Preference should be given to those items whose packing has undergone In-Mold Labeling processing. A non dairy yogurt cup should have its container free of germs or a healthy juice should be having a hygienic juice cup. A high protein food container should be 100% germ-free, else the entire exercise of having healthy food will go in vain.

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