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What Is The Impact Of In Mold Labelling Packaging – IML Ice Cream Packaging & IML Ice Cream Packaging On The Chinese Market?



The Chinese ice cream packaging market is experiencing tremendous growth concerning IML ice cream packaging,IML ice cream packaging, and In Mold Labelling Packaging across the country. This growth has been seen since 2016, especially when In-Mold Labeling Technology was prominent.

  • The IML technology assures superior quality IML ice cream containers.
  • The shelf-life in the ice cream industry plays an important role. The In Mold labelling packaging assures extended shelf life of the contents when compared with traditional packaging.
  • The IML ice cream packaging helps blend the high-density label with the container during its manufacturing stage. This makes the container beautiful and full of ingredient details.
  • Most IML ice cream containers of various sizes and shapes are seeing voluminous growth. The 80g IML ice cream packaging assures the container’s sturdiness and a very alluring design. Even the large In Mold Labelling packaging – around 5L containers provide eco-friendly output and easy handling with hardly any damage.

Additional Advantages Of IML Ice Cream Containers, IML Ice Cream Packaging, And Different Types Of In Mold Labelling Packaging Are:

  • Soft & Comfortable Lid Design: Almost types of IML ice cream containers, IML ice cream packaging designs, and In Mold labelling packaging confirms a very easy-open lid structure. Without much effort and utmost smoothness, the end-user can easily pull off the lid or re-open the same.
  • Tamper Evident Proof: With the help of In Mold Labelling Packaging, it is possible to produce tamper-evident IML ice cream containers and IML ice cream packaging boxes. The design helps the end-uses to immediately understand whether the packaging containers are touched or opened.
  • Anti-Theft Buckle: One more advantage of In Mold Labelling packaging is all the IML ice cream containers can be manufactured with anti-theft buckles. The anti-theft IML ice cream packaging containers are clamped to avoid theft. With the futuristic In Mold Labelling Packaging Technology, it is possible to manufacture transparent IML ice cream packaging containers and IML ice cream containers. Along with transparent IML ice cream containers, it is also possible to manufacture customized IML ice cream containers in various colors!
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