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Vegetable Meat – The NextGen “Non-Veg” Vegetarian Food Item!



What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Term – “Vegetable Meat”?

Different types of vegetarian ingredients like Soy, Potato Protein, Plant-Based Proteins, Mung Bean Protein, and Rice Protein, when mixed with other vegetarian ingredients, give a similar non-veg fibrous consistency. And if this vegetable meat is packed in an attractive IML snack food packaging box or an alluring snack food container and served in a prestigious snack food bucket and made available in a snack food packaging tub; it can rule the market!

Currently, two products are available in the market that use all the vegetarian ingredients to prepare vegetable meat.

Most of the consumers are inquisitive in tasting the vegetable meat that is hygienically packed in a bacteria-free IML snack food packaging box or any snack food container.

Advantages Of Vegetarian Meat:

  • The taste is close to the real meat.
  • Unlike real non-veg, vegetable meat (available in a snack food container) is cholesterol-free.
  • Animal fat-free
  • Vegetarian Meat, when packed in a 100% germ-free snack food packaging tub and served in a snack food container that is available in a snack food bucket with a High Density (HD) IML snack food packaging box becomes an instant super hit as it meets the health demands of the consumers.

Yes, “Vegetable Meat” has that four-lettered word – MEAT! And it needs to be replaced.

The reality is – the core is undoubtedly a Bean Product. In reality, the nutritional value of Plant Meat may be equal or in some cases better than animal meat. And, this applies to the taste as well! Only one drawback can be affecting negatively the Vegetable Meat and that is the lack of saturated fat that is abundantly available in pork. Chinese people are used to eating pork for a very long time.

One more reality is the consumption measure of vegetable meat is not that high, which will support mass production. Hence, vegetable meat can be the fulcrum added in the snack food packaging tub with an attractive IML snack food packaging box. Also, different types of vegetables can become the fulcrum or a snack food bucket item served in a snack food container.


If working in the correct direction concerning the marketing strategies of vegetable meat, the consumers’ curiosity can be triggered. The discussion about leisure snack brands, which are readily available in the snack food buckets and snack food packaging tubs can be invoked. Plant Meat will surely be a huge market and will be accepted by more and more consumers across the world that can increase the profits of the corporates. But in the case of leisure snack records, it cannot be one of the forces that can increase the corporate bottom lines.

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