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How to tell the story of packaging design? Ice Cream container – Classic Heritage



Do you know how does a Nestle Ice Cream Container appear Before Using Our Sophisticated In-Mold Labeling Process?

Making maximum use of the latest technology and changing as per the market requirements is today’s need for sustaining in this highly competitive market. Even a trivial change in the product’s aesthetics’ might offer your product an underlying edge over the competition.

How Do We Make It Possible?

To quote our high-rated victory is the processing of an ordinary Nestle Classic Ice Cream Paper Container into a superb, sturdy, alluring In-Mold Labeling processed Nestle Classic Heritage Container!

How Our In-Mold Labeling Process Helped Nestle In Various Aspects?

Originality Maintained: As Nestle wanted their paper-cup ice cream design, monogram, and messages to be intact our futuristic IML process adhered to this requirement. The molten polypropylene is injected into the container mold, which then blends with the original Nestle label and the mold gives the desired Nestle classic container shape.

The new Nestle Classic Heritage Container is nothing but the perfection beyond improvement giving the following advantages:

  • Enhanced product appearance: When you compare an ordinary Nestle ice cream container pre-printed with classic design paper cup AND the Nestle label infused in the transparent crystal clear plastic (polypropylene), container instantly you find the sturdiness and attractive look maintaining its design originality, in the later!
  • Excellent Reminder Media: The new Nestle Classic Heritage carries high-density eye-soothing graphics with enhanced brand recognition. Not only the sides of the Nestle Heritage containers are utilized with polypropylene infused labels but even the base carries extra message giving maximum brand visibility.
  • Shape-Friendly Label Wrap: Not only our IML process works on different size of the containers but also useful for any shape as well!
  • Increased Shelf-Life: Perishable contents packed in the IML containers (like nestle ice cream) show more durability. This extends the expiry date of the product.
  • Fewer Damages: The transport damage ratio before was very high due to rough handling of the cartons. Though the handling of the cartons is not changed, the Nestle Heritage containers have shown a drastic reduction of transportation damages. Even the label twisting and detaching has shown a sudden drop.
  • Superior Print Quality: IML technology allows very high-resolution print design. Almost all types of colors can be added to the design as per the needs.
  • Fast & Affordable Design Changes: The Nestle label design was changed many times until its finalization. The label design is finalized only after our clients are 100% satisfied with hardly any redesigning cost.
  • Versatile Use: In-Mold Labeling container is highly flexible and can be used in different temperature zones. Nestle uses their classic heritage ice cream containers in zero degrees temperature zone. IML processed containers also show great resistance to heat, cooling, and humidity as well.

Thus, when you compare the earlier Nestle Classic Container or any Nestle ice cream container with the post-In-Mold Labeling containers you see benefits like – low transport damages, increased shelf life, alluring aesthetics, less redesigning cost, etc., and in turn, get increased bottom lines!

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