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Reasons Of Recycled PP Cups & PLA Cups Are Environmentally Friendly!



What Exactly Are Recycled Plastic Cups?

Recycled cups or containers used for various food products mean reprocessing plastic waste into different new products. It is the process of getting waste plastics and reprocessing them into different types of valuable products. Various kinds of PLA Cups, Custom IML Cups, Eco-Friendly Cups, Recycled Plastic Cups, and Reusable Party Cups are manufactured with the help of this process.

The main advantage of recycled plastic cups is the dependence on landfill and conserving resources is drastically reduced.

PLA – the acronym of PLA is Polylactic Acid. It is a thermoplastic monomer from different organic sources like Sugar Cane or Corn Starch, as PLA production takes place using various types of biomass resources. Hence, it is different from standard plastic. Therefore, multiple kinds of PLA cups and recycled plastic cups are considered to be highly eco-friendly cups. Most of the reusable party cups and custom IML cups are made of Polylactic Acid, i.e., PLA. PLA complies with all the conditions required for any environmentally friendly product. This type of polyester is made from plants like Cassava, Maize, Sugarcane, Corn, or Sugar Beet Pulp by fermentation. And this PLA is used for manufacturing recycled plastic cups, custom IML cups, PLA cups, eco-friendly cups, and reusable party cups.

What Are The Uses Of Recycled Plastic Cups & Custom IML Cups?

Recycled plastic and IML cups are essential in food packaging and sustainability. Most of the coffee cups, reusable party cups, and custom IML cups fall into the category of recycled plastic cups. These are considered to be the best types of eco-friendly cups.

Most plastic cups with #5 can be recycled as they contain wax coating to avoid any leakages.

Why Is It Important To Recycle Plastic Cups?

Plastic cups that are made out of Polyethylene Tetra Hydrate (PET) can be very easily recycled. Hence, recycled plastic, eco-friendly, reusable party, and IML cups can be recycled. The recycling process is done as under:




Manufactured into recycled plastic cups, custom IML, eco-friendly, reusable party, and PLA cups.

How Is Recycled Plastic Cups And PLA Useful For Custom IML Cups, Eco-Friendly Cups, Reusable Party Cups, and PLA Cups?

The main property of PLA and recycled plastic cups is their biodegradation time. This type of polyester gets disintegrated within 6 to 12 months. Hence, most food industry segments use IML and PLA cups to pack their contents.

Why Are Recycled Plastic Cups, Custom IML Cups, Reusable Party Cups, and PLA Cups Considered Eco-Friendly Cups?

Following are the main reasons that make Recycled Plastic Cups be eco-friendly cups:

It generates around 68% lesser greenhouse gases

It uses approximately 65% less power than traditional plastic cups.

It contains no toxins.

PLA can be easily decomposed by recycling, composting, landfill, and Incineration.


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