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PP Film In-Mold Labeling Products: Coffee Cup, Peanut Butter Box, and Baby Food Box



In the modern food and beverage packaging industry, PP (Polypropylene) film in-mold labeling products are becoming increasingly popular. These products not only combine high-quality manufacturing processes but also feature various functions and design characteristics, including a 480ML coffee cup, 400ML peanut butter box, and 120ML baby food box. Let’s delve into these impressive products.

  1. 480ML Coffee Cup This 480ML coffee cup is a perfect companion, especially for coffee enthusiasts. It features:

High Heat Resistance: This coffee cup can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for serving hot coffee without affecting the cup itself. This makes it an excellent choice for enjoying coffee in the office, cafes, or at home.

Screw-on Lid: The coffee cup comes with a convenient screw-on lid, ensuring that coffee won’t accidentally spill while maintaining temperature and flavor.

  1. 400ML Peanut Butter Box This 400ML peanut butter box is a delightful way to showcase the delicious spread, particularly for food manufacturers and brands. Its features include:

Customer Logo: The peanut butter box features the customer’s logo, not only showcasing the deliciousness of the peanut butter but also enhancing brand recognition. Its elegant appearance captures consumers’ attention.

Food-Grade Materials: The peanut butter box is made from food-grade PP material, complying with food safety standards, ensuring the quality and hygiene of the peanut butter.

  1. 120ML Baby Food Box This 120ML baby food box is designed for baby food, being both elegant and practical. It offers the following features:

Square Design: The square design of this baby food box makes it easy to carry and stack, suitable for use at home or during travel.

Spoon Lid: The lid comes with an integrated spoon, making it convenient for serving baby food. This integrated design eliminates the hassle of carrying extra utensils.

Food-Grade Safety: Baby food requires stringent hygiene and food safety standards, and this baby food box is made from food-grade PP material, ensuring the safety of baby food.

These PP film in-mold labeling products not only exhibit outstanding functionality but also showcase high-quality manufacturing processes and exquisite designs. Whether it’s for enjoying a hot cup of coffee, displaying the deliciousness of a food brand, or meeting the needs of baby food, they are irreplaceable choices. As part of food packaging, they provide robust support for maintaining the freshness, quality, and hygiene of food while enhancing brand image and customer satisfaction significantly.



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