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Perfecting Frozen Product Packaging: The Expertise of Fujian Henglong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.



When selecting containers for packaging frozen products, every detail is of paramount importance. Fujian Henglong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. boasts over 26 years of expertise in the field of In-Mold Labeling (IML) food containers, making them your most reliable partner. To ensure your ice cream products stand out in the market, it’s crucial to delve into some key factors.

Firstly, different products can significantly affect container capacity due to changes in their volume after freezing. Ice cream typically expands when frozen, so container design must take this into account. Henglong’s professional project management engineers can provide custom container designs based on your product’s characteristics, ensuring sufficient space for your ice cream while preventing container breakage or deformation.

Secondly, different products have varying requirements for the ease of opening and sealing container lids. We understand that consumers in ice cream shops or at home need lids that are easy to open while keeping the frozen product fresh and maintaining its texture. Henglong Plastic can provide lid designs tailored to your product’s requirements, striking a balance between sealing and ease of opening, providing a convenient user experience.

Furthermore, the structural design of the container and the performance of the materials used can impact the fragility of the container after freezing. Fujian Henglong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. establishes dedicated project teams and staff for each customer to ensure that the container meets their specific requirements.

No matter what type of container your product needs, Fujian Henglong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. can provide the perfect solution. They are committed to offering exceptional service, reducing research and development testing periods to ensure rapid and high-quality product development. Each project has its own project management engineer and service team to provide outstanding support.

Choosing Fujian Henglong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a wise decision to ensure outstanding packaging for your ice cream products. Whether you need IML ice cream containers or other customized packaging, we can meet your needs and help you stand out in a competitive market.

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