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New technology high barrier oxygen IML PP injection box is the best choice for butter package




This latest technology is defining the destiny of the food industry, and in particular, butter packaging. With such advancement in butter packaging, the requirements of the packaging are met 100%. Good butter packaging ensures that the customer’s needs are met and their preferences are adhered to.

Why use IML PP injection in butter packaging?

-To ensure the butter is not contaminated

-To ensure no evaporation takes place to impact its weight

-To ensure no off-flavor development

-To improve on the sale appeal and content identification

High barrier oxygen offers a good airtight enclosure that ensures the butter fragrance isn’t lost in any way, plus it keeps off pollution of outside odor. Aside from that, all the foreign odors are absorbed, you can expect to have the greatest packaging of the time. Even better, this reduces the manual work required.

The main objectives of butter packaging are to retain its fragrance and protect its appearance, color, and moisture content. You should ensure that you package your butter in an airtight container. This is very helpful to prevent losing the flavor and avoid any contaminations. Better can easily absorb any form of foreign odor, therefore, distorting its flavor and getting it contaminants. Therefore, you should pay keen attention to how your packaging container is well sealed.

Ideally, butter is well known to possess some emulsion characteristics which makes it so much susceptible to any kind of rancidity and oxidation. You should as well pay more attention to the traces of metallic ions left in the machinery and plants used for processing because they might contaminate your better. Here, your butter will lose its original taste and will have some weird and fishy tastes. So, whenever you are packaging butter, you should ensure that you do it in a fresh environment to avoid tempering its flavors and tastes.

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